Peruvian Cuisine

  • The cuisine of Peru is the most diverse in the world, as evidenced by the fact that it has the largest number of dishes in the world, being this 491.
  • Peruvian cuisine is a fusion between the culinary tradition of ancient Peru - with its own techniques and stews - with the Spanish cuisine most strongly influenced by 762 years of Moorish presence in the Iberian Peninsula together with a significant contribution of Culinary customs brought from the Atlantic coast of sub-Saharan African by slaves. Subsequently, this mixing was influenced by the habits and customs of the French culinary chefs who fled the revolution in their country to settle in great numbers, in the capital of Peru. Equally important was the influence of immigration of the nineteenth century, which included Cantonese Chinese, Japanese and Italian among other mainly of European origins.
  • As an exclusive feature of the Peruvian cuisine , there are foods and flavors from four continents in a single country, and this, from the second half of the nineteenth century.
  • Peruvian culinary arts are in constant evolution and this, coupled with the variety of traditional dishes, makes it impossible to establish a complete list of representative dishes. It is noteworthy that along the Peruvian coast there are more than 2500 different types of soups registered, there are also more than 250 traditional desserts.